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Need to replace a fogged insulated glass?

       Has the insulated glass in your windows fogged up?  Has it lost its seal?  You're certainly not alone. Insulated glass has been around since 1945 when PPG Industries first offered its new Twindow® double-paned insulating glass to the U.S. market.  It found limited use until the late 1970s when energy prices peaked at historic highs.  Then "thermopane" glass as it was known became a fixture in commercial buildings - especially in northern climates.  Increased emphasis on energy savings and a slew of tinted and medium-performance coatings really changed the way people thought about glass in their houses.  Since the 1990s low-e coatings have been developed for both northern and southern United States climates and the resulting energy savings have made insulated glass a "must" for all new buildings.  Almost all buildings now use insulated glass.

       Unfortunately the public was never told that the insulated glass in their windows would, sooner or later, fog up due to seal leakage.  Companies in the 1980s offered 20 year and even lifetime warranties.  Unfortunately the seals for insulated glass do not last that long - except in the manufacturer's laboratories.  These long warranties relied on lawyer legalese that amounted to very little coverage or the company expected the customer would move or lose the warranty paperwork.  Even worse, in a large number of cases, the window company actually went out of business leaving customers holding worthless warranties. 

       I will also speculate that some "less than honest" window manufacturers know their insulated glass seals will break down long before their warranty longer than the industry average. They use cheaper single seal insulated glass in their windows.  My guess is that they factored the savings of using cheaper seals against the expense of supplying replacement glasses to consumers who are able to prove their warranty.  It's a financial decision that has no basis in the actual expectation of the life of their insulated glass but they didn't explain it that way to consumers.   Consequently consumers did not and do not know that their insulated glass will need to be replaced long before the actual window frame has to be replaced.

       A better way to think about insulated glass is to think of it like tires on your car.  Eventually you're going to have to replace them.  As a long-time glass company owner, my experience is that the dual-seal insulated glass that we install will last between 10 and 20 years before the seal breaks down.  Our suppliers offer us a 10 year warranty and we pass that along to our customers. 

        My own experience is that the payback for insulated glass in energy savings vs the lower cost of monolithic window glass (plain old single-strength 3/32" window glass) is about 10 years. Unfortunately there are so many variables (including huge variations in the cost and types of windows, types and thicknesses of insulated glass, labor cost to replace or retrofit, etc.) that there is little in the way of empirical evidence about actual "payback" for the investment in insulated glass.  In addition to the higher cost of insulated glass and the saving in energy costs, there is a comfort level that must be considered.  Windows with insulated glass make the house much more comfortable. 






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