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Emergency After-Hours Beeper (256) 552-8489


Emergency Glass Service
Any Time - Day, Night, Weekends, Holidays

Emergency After-Hours Beeper: (256) 552-8489 (Leave Your Call Back Number)

     We provide after-hours emergency glass service at nights, weekends and on holidays for most of the North Alabama area.  If your business has been broken into and you need the door or window closed up and can't wait until Monday (on weekends) or the following morning, call us on our emergency beeper at 256-552-8489.  Be sure to include your area code with your phone number. 
If you don't receive a call back within 5 minutes, call and leave your number again, in case the previous message was not received or the call back number was incorrectly received. 
       Emergency service prices typically run considerably higher than normal hours but, when possible, we will provide an estimate before we do any work.   If you or your company does not have an established account, payment will be required when work is completed.      

* Emergency Beeper (256) 552-8489 *


      Sorry but we cannot provide emergency automobile glass installation on weekends or holidays. 
      In the 60s and 70s auto installation companies stocked several hundred glasses (windshields, side glasses, door glasses, quarter glasses, back glasses, etc.) and they could be pretty sure that they would have the right glass in stock that would fit most of the popular models of cars and trucks.  Because there are now thousands of models of cars and each car may have a number of varieties of types of glasses and each glass may be available in three or more colors - well you can see that it is impossible to even stock a small percentage of the popular car and truck glasses.  On weekends our suppliers are shut down so we can't get shipments of glass.
     What this long explanation means is that even though we would love to install auto glass on weekends and holidays, we cannot get delivery of the glass.  Call us back on Monday and we'll get your glass ordered.

Residential Products
* Insulated Glass
* Replacement Window Panes
* Table Tops
* Plexiglas (Acrylics)
* Lexan (Polycarbonate)
* Storm Windows
* Window Tinting
* Mirrors
* Storefronts
* Shower Doors
* Custom Shower Enclosures
* Screens
* Patio Door Rollers & Parts
* Beveled Mirrors
* Storm Doors
* Window Tinting
* Plate Glass
* Glass Replacements
* Tempered Safety Glass
* Low-E Glass
* Medium Performance Glass
* High Performance Glass
* Glass For Cabinet Doors
* Restoration "Antique" Glass

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Custom Shower Enclosures
* Heavy All-Glass Custom
   Shower Enclosures

* Exotic Bath Combinations 
* Tub Bypass Enclosures
* ShowerGuard Glass Coating by Guardian  
* Tub Screen Panels
* Framed Shower Enclosures
* Unframed Shower Enclosure
* Portals Shower Hardware 
* Cardinal Shower Enclosures
* Shower Hardware
* Metal Finishes
* Glass Options
* Care and Maintenance

Services & Repairs
* Fogged Glass Replacement
* Patio Door Glasses
* Windows
* Re-screening
* Contract Glazing
* Scratch Removal
* ClearShield Protective Coating

* Service Work
* Emergency After-Hours Service
Commercial Products
* Insulated Glass
* Window Panes
* Emergency After-Hours Service
* Door Parts, Closers,  Handles
* Storefront Door Pivots
* Storefront Doors & Entrances
* Commercial Storefront Frames
* Curtainwall Framing

* Bullet-Resistant Systems
* Skylight Replacements
* Serving Windows
* Automatic Doors
* Firelite Specialty Glass
* Handicapped Door Closers

Specialty Products
* Convex Portrait Glasses
* Sideview Auto Mirrors  
* Curved China Cabinet Glasses
* Stainless Steel Framed Mirrors
* Security Glass  
* Caulking & Glazing Tapes
* Decorative Glasses
* X-Ray Protection Leaded Glass

Auto Glass
* Windshields
* Door & Back Glasses
* Motorhomes & RVs
* Glass for Heavy Equipment (Cranes, Loaders, Back-Hoes, Lifts, Chippers, Waste Loaders)
* Glass for Boats and Barges 
* Glass for Railroad Equipment

Industrial Products
* Borosilicate Plates
* Pyrex  
* Pyroceram Fireplace Glasses
* Wire Glass
* Storefront Doors
* Commercial Storefront Frames
* Skylight Replacements
* Serving Windows
* Qualified/Trained Employees
* Tubing & Sight Glasses
* Panels
* Door Parts, Closers, Pivots, Handles
* Acrylic, Plexiglas, Lexan
* Mar-Resistant Lexan

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